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Build Trust, Build Sales

Your only truly sustainable competitive advantage in sales comes from customers who trust you. The Trust-Based Selling app provides practical, specific help for measuring and increasing your clients' trust, leading to better account management, better commitments, and ultimately better sales.

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Amplify Your Process

Trust-Based Selling is process-agnostic: it augments everything your sales team does today, complementing and strengthening classic sales methodologies like Miller-Heiman and Spin Selling. The app integrates with all existing sales processes within Salesforce and won't require changing your workflow.

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Get Real

You can't create customer trust through mechanical processes or clever dialogue – trust can't be faked. By far the best way to be trusted by your customers is to actually be trustworthy. Charles H. Green, author of Trust-Based Selling (and co-author of The Trusted Advisor, and Trusted Advisor Fieldbook) shares his wisdom in this app.

Green's 15-year focus on trust in business destroys some myths (trust does not necessarily take time), and shows you critical tips; which parts of the Trust Equation to focus on early in the process, how to handle price objections, how to think about closing. Trust-Based Selling, combined with Salesforce, can transform the relationships in your business – and transform your results as well.

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