About Trust-Based Selling

Charles H. Green

"How do you get the customer to sign on the bottom line? The "trick" is no trick at all – it is to actually be trustworthy. We buy from those we trust."

As founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, Charlie is passionate about crafting insights and ideas in ways that are memorable, and that allow people to change, beginning right now.

He specializes in commercial relationships where people in one organization get paid to persuade other people, within or outside their own organization. That includes sales, and it includes advice giving, both internal and external.

The Trust-Based Selling for Salesforce app is the product of a long-standing collaboration between Trusted Advisor Associates and Soliant Consulting. We're proud to bring these transformational concepts into concrete form on the Salesforce platform, and we're excited to hear how you put them to use in your organization.

Trusted Advisor Associates

In addition to books, Trusted Advisor Associates LLC provides articles, blogs, and tools to help you and your organization become trusted advisors. Charlie Green is available to deliver keynote speeches and workshops/training sessions, as well as webinars.

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Soliant Consulting

Soliant Consulting is a certified Salesforce partner and builds custom software for business. With a deep background in Salesforce, web applications, and database development, Soliant delivers implementations, training, AppExchange apps, integrations, and custom Apex and Visualforce development.

As experienced consultants to top Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, Soliant focuses on service and on shaping technology to serve your business needs.

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Trust-Based Selling book

From best-selling author Charles H. Green — Learn how the sales process is a powerful opportunity to create trust.

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